This cultural centre must house a very diverse program: library, puppet shows, dance and performance, etc. Its cultural ambition encouraged us to create an architecturally innovative building. It is implanted in a changing urban tissue, in the context of a ANRU project. We decided to follow-up on the orientations and plans which had already been laid out for this project.

The different parts of the building progressively change scale in a sort of waterfall effect, from the media library to the theatre room and the volume of the stage.

It opens up on a large public square and faces the new housing and commercial area offering a rhythmic façade where transparency and opacity alternate. The project seeks to multiply synergy and energy by entering in direct relationship with the street and the square.

Inside, the rooms are organized around a dynamic route through the different programs. Visitors are taken up into a swirling ramp around a central void. This void, once planted, will become the green heart of the building, the place where all users will cross-over and exchange. “To see and to be seen” is the motto behind this project.

Cultural centre at Chasse Royale, Valenciennes
Valenciennes (59) - F
Maîtrise d'œuvre
h2o architectes (lead architects) with ID+ Ingénierie (engineer), Scène (scénography), Cial (acoustic), Benoit Santiard (artist)
Maîtrise d'ouvrage
City of Valenciennes
1 262 m²
2 400 000 € ht
Competition 1st prize, 2012, Project canceled