The project takes place at the heart of a residential area. It seeks to give new meaning and impulse to an ancient industrial site, reaffirming its function as a landmark at the scale of the town.
Located along the avenue de Vendôme, the place will receive and reunite multiple social actors which are actually scattered in different locations. The disappearance of half of the factory allows for a vast urban landscape project which takes the form of a planted esplanade.
Our design suggests that all the exterior spaces establish a continuity with the refurbishment of the Agora to create a sense of progression and a lively route from exterior to interior.
The composition of the square/garden is based, as with the Agora, on the strong existing structural framework.
The headquarters of the social organizations and the forecourt are the turning point between the urban space and the Agora. The project also offers protected exterior spaces with wide awnings, a soft transition between the square/garden and the interior street.
These animated spaces can be invested by the different social actors during punctual events.
The project is organized around an interior street opening onto different patios with greenery. It offers a sequenced and clear route towards varied and specific spaces. The urban “knitting” between the Capucines park and the existing infrastructure of the city of Beaugency is a space of communication, of meeting and exchange between its different users and the public.

Rehabilitation of the Agora site, ancient Valéo factories Creation of a social centre (social grocery-store, center for non-governmental organizations, community service centre, job centre, youth centre, commercial counselling)
Beaugency (45)
Maîtrise d'oeuvre
h2o architectes with Id+ engineers
Maîtrise d’ouvrage
City of Beaugency
2 105 m²
Coût des travaux
3 170 000 € HT
Competition december 2015 - Not selected