The project takes into account the different scales of the townscape and the cut-out silhouettes of the existing buildings. It includes measured buildings which are autonomous yet in continuity. Thanks to a game of varied heights and roof orientation, the volumes read as a whole but are also architecturally distinct. The project follows the principle of narrow passageways, an echo of those that can be found in other parts of the main street. The existing building is the base from which the composition takes its cue. One of the built volumes is set against it, in a measured dialogue. The area leading to the entrance of this building is shared with the other blocks on either side of the passageway.
All vertical circulations have openings to let in natural light. Therefore the inhabitant can cross the courtyard to the front door of his housing, find a visual landmark and benefit from natural light. Building typologies have been distributed in such a way as to offer a maximum of housing units with windows on two sides.

34 housing units
Zac du Mail, secteur « Descente de Plélan », Ville de Rennes
h2o architectes with id+ ingénierie
2 830 m²
Competition March 2015