This project is an insertion in the tight urban fabric of the narrow streets flanking the Montmartre hill. For sanitary reasons, a building has to be demolished and rebuilt at the angle of the rue Lepic and the rue Véron ; it is set against another building which needs to be refurbished. The new building acts as a unifying element between different scales and different ages. It is a simple volume imitating the whiteness, the regular openings and leveling of the older surrounding buildings.

The building accepts its status as an angle articulation: discrete diagonals are created in the alignment with the neighboring buildings. These variations offer balconies for every apartment and distant views onto the famous church of Saint-Jean de Montmartre by Anatole de Baudot. The angle building forms a unit with the building that has been refurbished; they share a common stairway as well as an inner courtyard. The central positioning of the circulation space allows for reduced landing space on each floor. All the flats receive natural light on both sides as well as in the kitchen and bathrooms. Four shops share the window space at street-level; they act as a continuous base for the new ensemble and help deal with the important slope of the rue Lepic. This housing renewal project is therefore respectful of a dense, lively and historic urban fabric.

Construction et refurbishment of a building of 11 social housing units
Véron and Lepic Streets, Paris 18e
h2o architectes with id+ ingénierie
1 000 m²
Delivered January 2018
Stéphane Chalmeau