The volumes proposed harmonize with their existing and future neighbors. Our proposal features a totem building, an entry pavilion to the campus, which hosts the coworking and business incubator. It acts as junction between the accommodation and work spaces of the program. It is linked to the main building by a generous gallery on three levels.

Flexibility is the guiding principle. In the main building, four vertical circulation cores serve all levels, the structural grid frees up the floor planes and natural light crosses through the space. The same goes for the totem building; vertical circulation is relayed to the façade to free up the floors. From there, everything is possible: closed offices, flex offices, open space, amphitheater, cafeteria, meeting village, fitness, patio… double or simple height; facing the street, the garden or the atrium.

A grand central void, the atrium, crosses through and creates interactions between these different worlds and work models. It becomes the stage of diversity and visually connects users to the surrounding context. Circulations, spaces of serendipity, spontaneous meetings which lead to fructuous discussions are also valued and enhanced.

The facades are freed up as well. They are non-structural and are regularly pierced by simple or double windows, conferring an almost domestic scale to the work spaces.

Digital Campus in the Ars garden - Workshop and start-up spaces, coworking and café
Lot 6.1, Jardin de l'Ars, Bordeaux (33)
h2o architectes with COSA architectes
Covivio, Bordeaux Euratlantique, Onepoint
18 980 m²
Competition 2018
Perspectives COSA