The building is located rue Ernestine, in Paris’s 18th arrondissement. It is divided in 42 flats, 19 of which are occupied. These flats have aged badly and the surfaces are too small for the number of lodgers. The aim of the project is therefore to reduce the number of flats to 27, thereby increasing the space and comfort of each flat. This project follows-up on the renovation of the community centre on the ground floor. The inhabitants will not be asked to leave their flats during the construction works which will be partitioned in three phases in order to progressively relocate the different lodgers.

The building, which dates from 1931, has a strong architectural and historical value which will have to be preserved during the renovation works (special restoration techniques for brick and concrete; making sure modern security standards are reached etc.)

Refurbishment of an existing building, creation of 27 social housing apartments
Paris (75018) - F
Maîtrise d'œuvre
h2o architectes (lead architects) with ID+ Ingénierie (engineer)
Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Paris Habitat
Construction site done in an occupied building
1 816 m²
Delivered January 2015