The project is inserted in a deep and dense urban fabric, doubly oriented, on Philippe de Girard street and on the railway tracks of the Gare de l’Est. It is composed of 10 social housing units and a three-level local depot and recycling facilities. The volume stretches in the linearity of the plot on the low levels and benefit from several set backs on the higher levels.

The building is creating a link match with the surrounding street scales, it is partitioned into three separate volumes to. These three superimposed sequences respond to different uses and contexts:

– A base made of concrete creates a clear sequence with two identified accesses : an entrance hall to the housing and the ground and first floors for the local depot and recycling facilities.

– The upper floors are fixed on the neighboring height. Built in solid semi-load bearing massive stone, it integrates with Parisian stone buildings.

A cantilever volume is projected on the street, like a bow-window it allows the apartments to benefit from a double orientation.

– The last two levels are made in a play of set back volumes leaving room for terraces and apartment extending from one side to the other.

10 housing units, local depot and recycling facilities
Paris (75010)
Maîtrise d'œuvre
h2o architectes (lead architects) with ID+ (engineer)
Maîtrise d'ouvrage
1 315 m² sdp
3 600 000 €HT
2017, Restricted competition