The renovation and extension of the Maison des Hôtes (Guest house), is introduced on the site of the Abbey, in respect of the existing context. The new building seeks no rivalry with those present on site. It claims its place in this emblematic ensemble, built over centuries, in a respectful yet assertive manner.
From the existing building, the project follows a U-shape. It leans onto the existing volume, in order to leave the perception of the site in its globality unaltered. The new east wing is positioned in parallel to the existing building and its topography is redesigned, so as to avoid the creation of half-buried levels.
Linking the two main wings, the south wing slides in naturally near the existing building. The current Maison des Hôtes’ roof is deployed over the new constructions by a continuity of pitch. Therefore, the new south façade respectfully takes place, in keeping with the existing building. In front of the old abbatial church vestiges, the façade opens up generously onto the site to create visual transparencies. An enclosed garden sits at the heart of the project, offering the guests a calm and relaxing space. A true place of meditation, the garden is accessible from all the ground-floor spaces as well as from the peripheral circulation routes. It is also visible from the rooms.

Bec-Hellouin abbey's guest house transformation and extension
Le Bec-Hellouin (27)
h2o architectes (lead architect) with Gt2i (mechanical Engineer), BMl (structure engineer), VPEAS (quantity surveyor), Karolina Samborska (landscape)
Association des Amis du Bec-Helllouin
Listed site as Historical Monuments
1 534 m² sdp
Under study
Aerial view Stéphane Compoint