The National Audiovisual Institute, set in Bry-sur-Marne since 1975, is in charge of safeguarding, highlighting and transmitting the French audiovisual and numerical heritage. Evolution in technologies, an increase in the volume of data and the immersion of audiovisual and media in digital technology have created new work conditions and have motivated the functional reorganisation of the BRY 1 interiors.
The project’s ambition is to reunite the different trades which compose the INA on its original site once again. By basing itself on existing qualities, the project recomposes a less fragmented centre, in which synergy and dialogue can take place between senior management, the different trades and all employees of the INA.
Initially named Professional Training Centre of ORTF, the project was designed by the architect Pierre Laborde in 1972 as a model of modular prefabricated concrete construction following a crane runway path. The current project takes advantage of the existing repetitive  concrete structure to open up the workplane from facade to facade. The perception of the volume is enlarged, the central circulation becomes a filter and natural light and sight-lines can cross through the enhanced concrete frames. The offices are designed with uses in mind. An interior arrangement of timber conveys a human-scale, playing as a complementary element to the rough concrete.

Partial reconfiguration of the BRY 1 building, offices, audiovisual analyst spaces, learning center, recording studio, film set space, , lobby, circulations and stairs.
Bry-sur-Marne (94)
h2o architectes (lead architect) with ID + Ingénierie (engineer), Impédance (acoustic), ON (lighting)
INA - National Audiovisual Institute with OPPIC
Works to be carried out while the site is in use
5 900 m²
Phase 1 delivered Novembre 2018, Phase 2 under construction
Stéphane Chalmeau, under construction archive photo from INA