The square built around the Madeleine church forms a crossroads between the north-south axis linking the National Assembly and the Place de la Concorde and the east-west axis of the Parisian Grands Boulevards. Before our intervention, it formed a traffic zone without space allocated to pedestrians. Paradoxically, the church seemed inaccessible. The redevelopment reverses this urban situation to create an accessible and active square around the historic monument. The reduced number of car lanes is accompanied by a bus lane, deliveries and a bicycle path. The presence of vegetation is reinforced by the double alignment of historic trees that we have completed. The parking lanes are filled in with light-colored asphalt to provide large areas for playing and walking. The furniture emphasizes the strong elements of the site, notably the trees and the perimeter fence of the church. It becomes a support for multiple uses (sitting alone, with others, in different conditions of comfort, under cover or in the sun) and encourages activities (playing, gathering). The sobriety and simplicity of the design contribute to the general visual de-cluttering.

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Reconfiguration of Place de la Madeleine
Paris (75008)
City of Paris
h2o architectes; OGI (road-work engineers, team representative), Emma Blanc (landscape design), Iris Conseil (mobility and traffic-light engineer), Muriel Pagès (bicycle plan expert)
Complete mission
Surroundings of a Historical Monument
22 300 m²
Delivered in November 2019