The apartment is located on rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, in Paris, in a typical building previously hosting old tapestry workshops. It is composed of two generous rooms, bathed in light and stretched in length. The layout is guided a precise game of abstract volumes which include all the necessary functions while composing and articulating the living spaces. This inhabitable furniture is aggregated along a dark strip which crosses the apartment and emphasizes its linearity. This strip, clad in oiled smoked walnut parquet starts in the entrance, continues as the kitchen counter and bar, as a workspace then as the bathroom volume.
The inhabitants used to be restaurant owners, and the kitchen is an important space, which opens onto the living room. It is built like a very precise black monolith with a monobloc counter in Zimbabwean granite. The historic bar, recovered from the old restaurant is installed in continuity. The workspace continues along a line in the second room, and receives natural light from the large shower patio door.
Colored volumes are aggregated on both sides of this black strip. Each function is associated with a specific color. The verdigris entrance furniture hosts storage, a laundry room and restrooms. The bright orange volumes on either side of the living space present objects that this couple likes to collect. In the bedroom, olive-colored totems filter views while welcoming the dressing room and headboard. Each volume was designed precisely to optimize storage, create uses on both sides, activating wings and false bottoms. The game of abstract colored volumes creates a strong plastic composition, the meaning of which becomes perceptible through use and the natural appropriation of the everyday.

Refurbishment of an apartment
Paris (75011)
h2o architectes
77 m²
Delivered January 2016
Julien Attard