This housing complex plays a unifying role amidst the neighboring existing buildings of different height and size. The building on the road side is made up of three fragmented volumes creating an articulation between the different blocks and offering a harmonious sense of progression. Another construction occupies the heart of the plot, distributing its surface from the centre. This building on the garden front is set against the new neighboring cultural centre, successfully dissimulating the latter’s tall and austere wall.

The playful waterfall effect of the volumes gives its strength to the project as well as creating terraces for the flats. The architectural style is simple, mineral and artifice-free; it allows for a frank reading of the volumes. The size and location of the openings on the façade depend on the uses of the interior spaces behind. The typology of the flats is varied; several of them benefit from a double orientation (sometimes thanks to an angular living-room).

The circulation spaces are located in the heart of the different constructions along the partition walls in order to reduce interior circulation and optimize the distribution of natural lighting to the flats. From the road, pedestrians are invited to penetrate into the housing complex by taking a covered passageway. Access to the different buildings is made from the communal garden, privileged green space, protected from the agitation of the street.

Creation of a housing complex including 32 flats, a shop and an underground car park.
Rue Félix-Faure, Paris 15e
h2o architectes
2218 m²
Delivered January 2018
Stéphane Chalmeau except Julien Lanoo 7,9,10,14,15